Campfire Stories – Episode 17 – Kentucky Revisted

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Daryl joins us for another hiking discussion. David and I take this opportunity to discuss Kentucky once more. Since Daryl joined us on the trip, he details what he thought were highs and lows of the trips, if he’d do the trip again and some politics.

The trip stands out in our minds because it really was the beginning of our plans to do yearly trips somewhere outside of New England.

For all of us, we were heading about 14 hours away from home, and meeting in the middle. We discuss the fact that the road trip certainly adds to the trip.

The Red River Gorge area of the Daniel Boone National Forest is known for the beautiful arches and cliffs that are abundant throughout the park. Once on the trail, you will be met with cliff after cliff after cliff, and you can easily see how the cliffs and arches were made, they are covered in swirls made from water that hit the walls many years ago.

If you do get the chance to go to the Red River Gorge, we each highly recommend it.
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