Campfire Stories – Episode 16 – The Presidential Traverse

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This week David, Daryl and I discuss our trip to the white mountains. The goal was to complete 10 summits and 23 miles of hiking in the white mountains.
Don’t take the whites for granted, they are a beautiful set of mountains, but they are rugged as can be. They will tire you out if you let them. If you plan a trip to New Hampshire to climb Mount Washington or any of the other presidential mountains, make sure you know what you’re getting into. I will not talk you out it, they are amazing to see, and even better to climb. The views are some of the best in New England and well worth the pain you will experience with a backpack on your back as you climb over rock after rock.

Long story short, if you get a chance to do the presidential traverse, do it, if you finish congratulations, if you don’t you can always try again, but you will learn something new and see something awesome along the way.

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