Campfire Stories – Episode 14 – Daryl

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This week is a little different from our usual discussions. One of the many goals of this podcast is to interview people and discuss outdoor stories the way we do around the campfire. This week, David being busy, we have our first interview. I have some others in the que that will be coming soon.

Daryl and I discuss the first time David, he and I went on an overnight camping trip in Connecticut. The Nipmuck trail is located in north eastern Connecticut, it starts in Windham and travels north to Union. We discuss why we decided to do the Nipmuck trail and some of the funny stories we have from the first tip. We may not have completed the entire trail the first time we tried, but we certainly had a lot of fun, experienced new things and went back a second and third time. Those stories are coming soon

Thanks for listening this week, we’ll be back soon for more stories from the Nipmuck trail.

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Until next week, get outside.

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