Campfire Stories Episode 9 – Some Tips from Dan and Dave

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Some Tips for doing well and having some fun in the great outdoors

  1. Go camping.
  2. If you can only spend big money on one item.
    1. Sleeping tent, hammock
    2. Bag
  3. Research where you are going
    1. Make sure you know the dangers
    2. Prepare for them
  4. Go light, but if you have access to or can only afford heavier items, the important thing is getting outside.
  5. Try not to bring every camping item you own unless you only own a couple items.
    1. Basics
      1. Sleeping stuff
      2. Backpack
      3. Food stuff
    2. Extras
      1. Navigation
      2. Entertainment, book, tablet
    3. Camp specific stuff
      1. Bushcraft
      2. Car camping
      3. Through hiking
  6. Get outside

Stay for the whole podcast for a few extra more specific tips from David.

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